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 The Two Witnesses, book by YH Ministry

 The Two Witnesses, Volume 2, book by YH Ministry

 The Two Witnesses, Volume 3, book by YH Ministry


The books by YH Ministry illustrate patterns of scripture that supernaturally match and the result 
has many similarities with the Infinity Bible Code (IBC) which shows that when God's Word is rightly
divided, there will be confirmation.  In some cases, the IBC was utilized to obtain deeper insight 
into the bible pattern.  In these books by YH Ministry, very deep layers of biblical understanding are
revealed which may not otherwise be available.  The farther the reader gets into the book the deeper 
the information gets.  It requires a certain amount of maturity and the books' introduction warns the
reader to be living a holy life before they look upon the revealed Word of God:
"And he smote the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD..."
                                                  1 Samuel 6:19

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