In the hectic pace of the modern world, there is a large amount of news presented by the media, and who has time to sort through it all?

For those news items that are considered by this ministry to be important enough for God's people to take time to review more deeply, they are presented below for your information and spiritual discernment.



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Is It Soon?!                                                                                                           (posted 2-5-21)


There are recent reports that some believers are being shown that the Visitation of the Lord may take place this spring!

This summary writeup helps to explain, but if it is accurate, then it is time to get as ready as possible!



World War III                                                                                                           (posted 5-18-19)


The "Dark Side" wants to start WW III very soon.  The last world war took 6 years, from 1939 to 1945.  However, because of the force multiplier of technology, the next world war may only take 4 weeks, but certainly no longer than 6 months., or else all humanity might perish if it continued longer.  A series of events typically escalate to full scale war and a study of prophetic scripture would indicate that Isaiah Chapter 17 is  a major milestone to watch for when Damascus, Syria becomes a ruinous heap. Four chapters later the United States ceases to exist in Isaiah 21 because it does not survive WW III, if certain prophetic Bible scholars are correct.  If that happens, some believe it will be because of judgment for the multitude of babies that have been aborted, even while the Bible indicates that life begins at conception.  


It is important to highlight the chart from the post on 9-26-15 that illustrates the big picture of what to expect in the near future. AGAIN, IS YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE?!



The Time Grows Short                                                                                    (posted 1-27-18)


As  Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in the Old Testament, so too is a similar effort underway by President Trump, while Israel has already completed most of the walls in greater Jerusalem and in the interior of Israel.  The spiritual significance is that the Book of Life is about to close!  The enemy attacked Nehemiah during construction but once rebuilding was complete, then Israel came into unity with the Lord.  Once the Book of Life closes, no one can enter in New Jerusalem. IS YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE?!



Update on Jerusalem                                                                                       (posted 6-17-17)


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ALERT!                                                                                                                    (posted 8-21-16)


If we see Israel forced to give away East Jerusalem this fall (pre-1967 borders), then the countdown starts for the complete fulfillment of Daniel's  seventy weeks prophecy; specifically, Daniel verses 9:27 and 12:11.  The loss of East Jerusalem is the sign of "the midst of the week" countdown.  Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to all that come against her and that burden themselves with Jerusalem. (Isaiah 51:22-23 and Zechariah 12:2-3)  Any Christian who comes into agreement with world opinion of the giving away of East Jerusalem will face the Lord on judgment day.  It is time to PRAY!



Final post?                                                                                                              (posted 9-26-15)


Being just this side of a national / global financial panic, there is an increasing realization that a point of no return is looming. Numerous institutions, cultures, and lifestyles will be forever changed.  If this website survives the culture shift, it will be by God's divine providence.  In that respect, it is time for Christians to understand the big picture of how  things are changing, with what time is left.

One final note: the Infinity Bible Code page (see Downloads) has been updated with additions and revisions.



Are you a prepper?                                                                                            (posted 6-14-14)


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Journey Ahead                                                                                                  (posted 2-8-14)


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Signs of the Times                                                                                             (posted 3-17-13)


Everyone visiting this website needs to read the following document, if they want to know a summary of what to expect in the near future.  What are the signs to watch for?  It appears that things may be getting severe in the near future.  We need to be in daily prayer to make sure that we do not miss God's direction for each of us at this critical time.


If there is anything on this website that you want to keep, the time is now to download it and save it for your future reference. There will be internet controls coming soon that will try to restrict any kind of truth being published on any websites.  The time is later than you think!



Be Careful                                                                                             (revised and posted 1-5-12)


There has been a significant amount of information presented by the secular world concerning the date December 21, 2012. The publishing effort involved has been eerily similar to what took place for the event Y2K in the year 2000.  The Bible cautions us that the deception of men is going forth (Matt. 24) and will try to distract our spiritual focus.


The general hype so far has been that there is some kind of end-of-the-world event associated with 2012 because of the Mayan calendar and for other reasons such as the sun.  The movie 2012 focuses on the physical events to take place while the Bible instructs us to keep our focus spiritual.  There are some ministries that are speaking about what they believe they heard from the Lord.  An example is David Wilkerson's ministry and their preparation message of setting aside about a month's supply of provisions would be a wise thing to do at this time.  They have also issued a number of messages concerning spiritual preparation and faith.  Theirs is a well-balanced message being broadcast and this ministry agrees with their message.  See Wilkerson's ministry link on the LINKS page.


For those who would like to know more about the scientific basis for what the Mayans were saying in their calendar and what the astronomical arrangements will be in the heavenlies for the year 2012, there is an excellent one hour presentation by David Flynn, a type of research scientist concerning the end times and the UFO phenomenon.  This ministry would like to augment what Mr. Flynn has said by clarifiying to you that the conclusion is that the year 2012 has the potential to be the year for the revelation of some great deception in preparation for the eventual image of the beast and his global mark.  God knows if this will or will not happen so that is why it is very important to keep a spiritual focus and He will let us know what we need to know in our heart.  Mr. Flynn's presentation may be available for viewing on YouTube, by searching for David Flynn Doomsday Clock.

For a hardcopy summary and commentary of Flynn's presentation, click here.


There appears to be a possible deception in progress.  The NASA JPL website presented information about an object called Comet Elenin C/2010 X1 approaching Earth.  A chart extrapolated data from the NASA JPL website about possible events to take place in the fall of 2011, correlating with the comet's arrival.  However, nothing took place and the conclusion is that the event was contrived for reasons not entirely clear.  One possibility is that this was a misdirection move in order to take attention off of outer space for a time and redirect it to the failing global economy and brewing world war.  At the strategic time, incoming objects from outer space will be approaching earth.  The Two Witnesses book (volume 1), Chapter 33 discusses the sequence of events prior to objects heading toward earth (Revelation 6:13).  The Bible exposes deception and it should be our guide, not NASA or anybody else, if one wants to know what is really going to happen.



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